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Because of the viscosity of their feces, it can often get into their anal glands where the bacteria can cause infection. Does your cat spend a little too much time licking around their anus or even dragging their behind across the floor as if they were a dog? The cause of anal sac impaction often remains unclear but possible causes are listed in Box Adenocarcinomas of the anal sac represent a classic example of cancer associated hypercalcemia. For infection, the sacs must be expressed and antibiotics administered to kill the bacteria. The most common problems seen are anal gland impactions or infections.

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The anal sacs will rupture because the impacted fluid becomes so hard that the sacs become infected, and it ruptures through the skin because the infection takes the path of least resistance, meaning that it must burst through the skin. A needle is used to extract some cells from the tumor, and those cells are then examined under a microscope. Surgery requires general anesthesia which always carries some degree of risk, whether the patient is a cat or a person. Treatment of feline anal gland problems is usually pretty straight forward. Anesthesia or heavy sedation is often necessary due to the pain associated with this procedure.

Perianal Fistula in Cats - Treatment and Care

We provide exceptional and personalized veterinary services. Christie Keith 24 Feb Anal sacs become impacted when the liquid secreted by their glandular lining stays inside the anal pockets for an inordinately long period of time and becomes dried, hard and pasty. It is very common for them to become blocked and sore, but this can be easily treated by your vet emptying them. Click to attach a photo related to your comment.
This is much more serious that any of the other forms, but it can also be very deceptive in nature. Feces naturally contains healthy bacteria from inside the colon, which can travel into the ducts during a bowel movement. All of these consistencies are normal. An anal gland abscess is treated under anesthesia by your veterinarian. Tumors can very easily lead to an increase in your cats calcium levels, and if this does happen, the first signs you will see in a very sudden increase in your cats drinking and than urination levels. The use of drugs such as cyclosporine, tacrolimus or corticosteroids is often successful, with very good efficacy but with long-term side effects that need to be considered. However, repeated scooting should prompt veterinary examination as soon as possible.

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